5 Cheap Ideal For Home Laptops

Modern users are step-by-step removing huge computers from their tables, and are equipping with mobile laptops. Fortunately, cheap laptops are able to replace the PCs, fully satisfying all requests for an ordinary user. To date, cheap laptops can be purchased for quite bearable price, which will be combined with perfect quality. Here you are with top-five most attractive and cheap laptops, suitable for the home environment.

Since the device has a rechargeable battery, it cannot resort to sources of uninterruptible power supplies, as well as in the case of an unexpected power outage watch a movie. It’s no secret that low-cost laptops still do not have the capacity and other ancillary properties, on the similarity of keyboard illumination and powerful speakers, like their more expensive counterparts. But it does not matter if you do not have to spend an amount comparable to buying old car, then in this case, cheap laptops will satisfy you completely.

In the below is presented “five” great quality cheap laptops for your home.

ThinkPad E220s Keyboard

ThinkPad E220s Keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)cheap laptops are a real economy model with a 15-inch screens, and no operating system Windows. The absence of this OS is not the key point, because now there are plenty of other free operating systems that can compete in performance with the leader.

Model TravelMate 8572G. The manufacturer Acer.

Acer has planned to go to become a leader in the global notebook market. The primary key is selected to achieve this goal, it’s dumping.

That modification of the TravelMate 8572G is a good proof of that. Its cost is 460 dollars, and its “stuffing” and performance are at the level of models that are sold at prices ranging from $ 625.

This model serves a dual-core Core i3 chip from Intel, RAM 3 GB, and a discrete GPU from Nvidia GeForce 310M memory of 512 MB. All this is enough to a normal user to enjoy a good performance at home. For example, this model can easily reproduce the 20-gigabyte video discs Blu-ray, as well as work in Photoshop does not become a “brake”, at least when performing common tasks such as editing images from a home collection. However, a high-performance games should forget unless they can be run in economy mode.

However, with regard to hard disk, it could be more, only 250 GB. The disadvantages may also include the lack of expressive design, poor sound transmission and the short duration of autonomous operation. While at home using the latest flaw can make the presence of a nearby outlet.

Model Thinkpad Edge 15. The manufacturer Lenovo.

The last line of cheap laptops Lenovo is brighter version of the classic business series IBM. The design of this model wants to be the best. Most users have expressed about his comments, but if we close our eyes to this, the model is quite acceptable.

One way or another, but this model does not seem cheap, especially if you compare it with the above from Acer. Indeed, at the same cost, it is considerably inferior in performance TravelMate 8572G. The device installed in less efficient processor Pentium P6200 and integrated graphics from Intel. These drawbacks are not critical, but, of course, reduce the degree of comfort when dealing with it.

Model K53U. The manufacturer Asus.

Year after year more and more users choose a brand Asus, among which is the share of admirers, which makes it just a matter of principle. If you take the more expensive models, namely, ultraportable with long battery operation or high-performance for gamers, the Asus laptops are among the unique. However, among the low-cost models, Asus does not differ from its competitors, although there are exceptions.

It is such an exception is ASUS K53U, which offers a $ 460 feature set from AMD, and not from the usual Intel. The model includes a 1.65-gigahertz chip Dual-Core E-450 and an integrated video card Radeon HD6310. Also, the model has a profitable volume of the hard drive of 500 GB and 3 GB of RAM.

It seems that this acceptable in all aspects of the notebook is designed specifically for fans of Asus.

Model IdeaPad G570. The manufacturer Lenovo.

Regular production of Lenovo. However, this is a more powerful laptop, although it costs a little more than the Edge. So, for $ 500 you can buy a device with a processor with Intel’s latest generation Core i3-2310M. This chip is the most productive and energy-intensive compared to previous generations of processors, as well as with other cheap laptops in similar price bracket.

The rest of the IdeaPad G570 features a rather typical. Built-in video card, RAM 3 GB, HDD 320 GB. However, there are advantages, comfortable keyboard will appeal to those who frequently gathers texts. At the same time, the built-in speakers sound good do not shine. For fans of movies will have to use external speakers. In any case, even in the home must be the presence of external speakers, even inexpensive.

Model Satellite C660. The manufacturer Toshiba.

Despite the fact that Toshiba laptops are not very popular in the former Soviet Union, some of its models cannot ignore, especially economy class. Take, for an inexpensive laptop to use at home and undemanding user-oriented Satellite C660. Its price is 460 dollars.

Here, as in the IdeaPad G570, the latest technology enabled processor i3-2310M, as well as a high-speed third version of Bluetooth.

The disadvantage is a glossy surface with small angles. However, the touchpad and keyboard for your comfort compensate for this shortcoming. In standalone mode, the laptop runs about 4 hours, which will allow you to view the event of loss of electricity a few films. Of the merits should be noted, and of good quiet cooling, which does not warm up your laptop even when the game mode, or watching movies Full HD.

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